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Our story

Nunzio and Giovanna Costabile 

Our story begins two generations ago when our grandparents, Nunzio and Giovanna, decided to produce fruit and vegetables in their own village Sarno, known for being the hometown to the San Marzano tomato. 

Since the very beginning they committed to quality and supported local farmers to adopt high standards so that people from around the world could taste the products of our land at their best. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, Nunzio and Giovanna gradually transformed their activity into a family business whose products reached the tables of the United States, Australia and Northern Europe.

Despite the challenges of a growing company, Nunzio and Giovanna thrived to keep a warm, human-driven culture. What continues to struck us is hearing former workers saying that they all felt like being part of a big family.

Our father Albino on the left
The business then passed to their children who kept working by their parents’ mission to bring high quality products to food lovers worldwide. However, during the 1980’s the entire production facility was struck by a tremendous earthquake that spread over a vast area of the Campania region. The business was hardly hit and struggled to recover. After more than 50 years of activity, the Costabile family were forced to close the business.



During a trip to San Diego, we visited some family members who had moved to California decades ago. They gifted us a box containing pictures, papers and labels of our grandparents’ products, once sold in American grocery stores. That exact moment we were hit by the idea of bringing that old mission that moved our grandparents back to life. So we created to help people eating real, natural food. 

No matter your food rules or diet, we want to bring you the same ingredients that were used before grocery stores even existed and that were farmed following the same old traditions. All the products that you'll find in our store are made of a few high-quality, recognizable ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and well-being so that you can live your best life.

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Angelo & Valentino Costabile